Fox News panel wants to shut down White House press briefings because reporters have Sarah Sanders at 'brink of tears'
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Screen capture)

Fox News has responded to the controversy surrounding Sarah Huckabee Sanders confrontation with Jim Acosta at Thursday's briefing.

Acosta and Sanders tangled about President Trump's repeated claims that the media is "the enemy of the people."

Sarah Huckabee Sanders [was] at the brink of tears yesterday after another contentious briefing with reporters," said host Harris Faulkner. "The tense relationship between the president and the media [is] sparking a growing debate about who is to blame."

Faulkner suggested the solution might be "no more cameras and no more televised press briefings." She was echoing fellow senior Fox News employee Chris Stirewalt, who has also argued for reporters not going to Trump rallies.

Not everyone on the panel fully supported it.

Guy Benson, a Fox radio host, said he understood where those calling for cancelation "are coming from" but thought it was too far.

"Sometimes the White House press briefings seem like pure theater," he said, "where the White House has its agenda, certain reporters have their agenda, and we don't get much quality information out of it."

Faulkner returned to blaming Acosta and others like him who are aggressive with Sanders.

"The back-and-fourth really was the opposite of the great journalistic appetite that we could have fed the day before with all the leaders in the intelligence committee," she said.

Watch below.