Presidential historian crushes Republican Party for 'cowardice' that 'is hurting the country'
U.S. President Donald Trump speaks briefly to the news media after leaving closed House GOP conference meeting with Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) (Photo: Reuters/Leah Mills)

On Tuesday, presidential historian Douglas Brinkley said cowards in the Republican Party are the real threat to America, during a panel discussion with CNN's Don Lemon.

"It is just horrific. I was reflecting on past presidents today. Since the civil war, we haven't had a president at least since Andrew Johnson that is a full-fledged bigot," he said.

"Donald Trump has a career of just doing racially insensitive and hateful comments towards people. We have to realize he doesn't like Mexican Americans. He doesn't like anybody of color. He doesn't like African Americans. He doesn't really want you here. There is no way around the fact that he is a bigot and a racist," Brinkley added.

"It stuns me that so many are timid. Where are other Republicans that should have been defending John McCain when Donald Trump wouldn't utter his name in a service like that?" he asked.

"The cowardic of Republicans right now is what shocks me. It is the deficit in the Republican Party that is really hurting the country right now. "

Watch below via CNN.