Indiana principal apologizes after using N-word during schoolwide assembly
Chuck Weisenbach [Photo: screengrab]

An Indiana principal issued an apology after he used the N-Word during a schoolwide assembly, reported Fox 59 news.

Chuck Weisenbach said he was giving a speech about empathy and used the N-word as an example of a hurtful word that should not be used.

“Among the list of words and phrases was the N-word. I, in no way, used the word in derogatory fashion, but instead to illustrate its ugliness,” Weisenbach said.

He said he made a mistake in using the word as an example and apologized for offending students and faculty.

“As educators, we are often tasked with discussing uncomfortable matters, especially as it related to race and discrimination,” said Weisenbach.

He added, "I am deeply sorry and in no way intended for my attempt at educating our students to hurt anyone. I ask for your grace and forgiveness in this matter."

Listen to his audio apology below.