Jacksonville councilman goes off on guns and God at site of gamer shooting: ‘This city is under attack’
Jacksonville, Florida city councilman Reggie Gaffney (Photo: Screen capture)

Jacksonville, Florida city councilman Reggie Gaffney spoke briefly with local news anchors Sunday in wake of the mass shooting that killed four and injured 11 in his council district.

"I am very sad and frustrated right now because -- the second shooting in less than 48 hours -- but to talk about this, it's tragic," he said. "I want to give my condolences to the family members."

He noted that these gamers came to play together this morning and some will never leave. He said that he spoke with the sheriff's office and that they asked officials to say as little as possible as they continue to gather evidence surrounding motive.

"When you lose one life you should be concerned," he said as the reason for coming down to the site. "My question -- I'm asking to America, I'm asking to Jacksonville, I'm asking to the state -- what are we going to do about guns?"

He went on to say that there is a gun problem in America and particularly in Jacksonville.

"We've really got to ask ourselves two questions," he continued. "What are we going to do about guns? And we've really got to get focused on getting closer with the Lord."

Watch the clip below: