Legal expert on MSNBC explains how Trump is playing a ‘very dangerous game’ with Mueller
Donald Trump on Instagram (Screenshot)

President Donald Trump is engaging in a "very dangerous game" with his constant attacks on special counsel Robert Mueller's investigations, Lawfare Blog co-founder Ben Wittes explained to MSNBC's Katy Tur on Friday.

The host put on-screen a graphic listing the "evidence" that special counsel has in his possession that the public has yet to see.

The list, compiled by Mike Allen of Axios, was published earlier Friday.

[caption id="attachment_1343521" align="aligncenter" width="640"] 'The Big Question' with Katy Tur graphic illustrating Axios report on 'Robert Mueller's secret files'[/caption]

"What does that indicate to you?" Tur asked Wittes. "What is the lesson for us there?"

"Well, there's a lot more than is in that list," Wittes replied.

"The general rule here is that Robert Mueller has had access to all of the organizations -- and their records and all of the people who work for the organizations -- that he has wanted to, almost all, and their recollections," he explained.

"The president can tweet out 'no collusion' or 'witch hunt,' but the truth is he actually doesn't really know that much about what he's talking about on that," Wittes noted. "And so it's a very dangerous game to sort of confidently say that you know there's nothing there, when you actually have only a little bit of a window into the room."

Since taking office, President Trump has tweeted "no collusion" 50 times, most recently last Friday.

The commander-in-chief has tweeted "witch hunt" 125 times, most recently on Thursday.