Microsoft threatens to kill the alt-right’s favorite social network after ex-GOP candidate plots to destroy Holocaust memorial
Gab's logo. Image via

Gab, the alt-right's favorite social network, may soon lose its hosting after Microsoft threatened to take it down over hate speech posts.

The Verge reported Thursday that one of the co-founders of the "free speech" social network said Microsoft threatened to stop hosting the site over two anti-Semitic posts made on the website that the company described as "malicious activity."

Co-founder Andrew Torba wrote in a Gab post that Microsoft gave the Pepe-themed social network "48 hours to take action on two posts" and if the company refuses to do so, it "will go down for weeks/months."

The posts in question were made by Patrick Little, a former GOP Senate candidate that was booted from a California convention in May for his anti-Semitic views.

Both posts were made nearly a month prior to Microsoft's notice. In them, Little claimed Jewish people owe a "debt" to society, expressed a desire to enslave, torture and kill them and appeared to threaten to deface Holocaust memorials.

Gab, The Verge's report noted, is an alternative social network akin to Twitter where far-right figureheads and their followers gather after being kicked off other networks for hate speech. News of the site's potential loss of hosting comes just a day after Breitbart and other right-wing sites boasted about an influx in Gab traffic after Infowars' Alex Jones was kicked off of Facebook and YouTube.

The posts Microsoft flagged were still live as of press time.