MSNBC panelist: 'You can see the flop sweat on Trump any time Omarosa tapes come up'
Donald Trump tells an Ohio rally that the presidency has changed him and that he has "become much more diplomatic"/Screenshot

MSNBC Wednesday continued analyzing the fallout from reality star Omarosa Manigault-Newman's claims that she has tapes to back her most damning accusations about President Donald Trump—including evidence that he's used the N-word.

Matt Welch, editor-at-large of the libertarian magazine Reason, joked that the paranoia is likely spiking in the Trump White House. He also pointed out that essentially everyone on team Trump is a political amateur, including the President.

"This has been a gang of B-level, C-level non-stars who are part of this," he pointed out. "Actually they are stars, of reality television in some cases. But people who are not ready for the prime time of politics," he said.

Welch observed that some of the tapes might not exist and warned that liberals shouldn't place all their hope on "the one tape" that will make Trump disappear. Yet the possibility of more tapes is clearly making White House staffers panic.

"You can see the flop sweat on the president and the people around him" when the tapes are discussed, Welch noted.