Users of this dating site said they'd rather have 'bad sex' forever than date a Trump supporter
Young Donald Trump supporters. (Image via AFP)

MSNBC's Ari Melber shared exclusive dating statistics that said people would rather have bad sex than date a supporter of President Donald Trump.

"Tonight we have exclusive new data," Melber said. "OkCupid says it sees a 64 percent increase in a dating profile that mentions politics."

The data revealed that people would not start conversations with those whose political views were different.

"Sixty-Five percent of Democrats will not start conversations with their political opposites. And 52 percent of Republicans will not start conversations," he said.

Also, some people would much rather have political similarities than "good sex."

However, the dating site PlentyOfFish reported that 34 percent of people said they would rather have "bad sex for the rest of their life than date a Trump supporter."

"These are real news topics, we just report them," Melber said.

Watch the video below via MSNBC.