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MSNBC’s Katy Tur mocks Giuliani’s ‘truth isn’t truth’ walkback: He can’t overcome the credibility problem Trump has




MSNBC’s Katy Tur had trouble holding back the laughter as they discussed Rudy Giuliani’s latest attempts to defend Donald Trump from Robert Mueller’s investigation, and his subsequent walkback of his “truth isn’t truth” line amid renewed attacks on former FBI chief James Comey this weekend.

Speaking to reporter Kristen Welker, Tur asked if the president’s legal team ‘seriously believe that calling James Comey a leaker is going to be enough to overcome the credibility problem that the president himself has.’ She added that the Washington Post has compiled an exhaustive list of the president’s misstatements, obfuscations, and outright lies. ‘He has over 4,000 false, misleading claims since he has just been president, Tur said in clear disbelief. ‘That’s like over six and a half or seven and a half times a day.’


Welker responded by listing a series of inaccurate statements by Giuliani about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump Jr’s awareness of what Russia was offering, saying ‘there were a lot of contradictions and things that Rudy Giuliani may be walking back today.’

Watch the video below.


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2020 Election

‘Disaster and disgrace’: Regretful Trump voter disgusted by his handing of COVID-19 and race relations



Joe Biden has opened a four-point lead over President Donald Trump in Ohio, which the Republican won by twice that margin four years ago.

A survey conducted by Your Voice Ohio found the Democratic candidate leading Trump by 46-42, and Biden seems to be peeling off some of the president's past supporters in the state, reported the Columbus Dispatch.

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White House suddenly orders ‘mandatory’ COVID-19 testing for presidential staff



White House employees will now be subject to mandatory testing for COVID-19, an official said on Monday.

In a statement to CNN's Jim Acosta, the unnamed White House official said that staffers working near President Donald Trump would be forced to undergo randomized testing.

"As part of our ongoing efforts to protect the health and safety of the entire White House Complex, randomized testing of Executive Office of the President staff, which has been ongoing for several months, will become mandatory rather than voluntary," the official said.

White House employees reportedly received an email Monday morning with a stern warning.

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Thais ‘cast a spell’ for democracy in Harry Potter-theme protest



Dozens of mostly young Thais wearing striped "Harry Potter" scarves rallied Monday against the government, vowing to "cast a spell" for democracy as the nascent movement grows increasingly bold in targeting the powerful elite.

For more than two weeks, young Thais across the country have held near daily protests at universities and town halls to denounce the military-aligned government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-O-Cha.

Some have also waded into sensitive territory in recent weeks by holding up placards opposing Thailand's lese majeste law, one of the world's harshest.

It shields the monarchy and its super-rich King Maha Vajiralongkorn from criticism, making open scrutiny of the monarch virtually impossible.

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