NY Times reporter: Omarosa wasn't the only White House staffer making secret recordings of Trump
President Donald Trump (Screen cap).

Former Trump adviser Omarosa Manigault-Newman revealed over the weekend that she made secret recordings within the Trump White House -- and well connected New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman says she might not be the only one.

Writing on Twitter, Haberman reveals that an earlier report that she wrote with colleague Katie Rogers about a White House staffer making secret recordings from within the White House was not actually about Omarosa.

According to Habmerman, this "raises [the] possibility that still others are doing same within the White House."

Additionally, Haberman reports that Trump advisers now fear that there could be "dozens" of other secret recordings made by Omarosa that could be more damaging than the one she already released.

On Sunday, Omarosa played an audio recording that she secretly made of White House chief of staff John Kelly firing her during a tense face off last year.

Omarosa claims that she recorded Kelly while the two were in the White House Situation Room, which would be a major breach of proper security protocol if true.