Portland far-right marchers have rally plans foiled by store manager who calls tow trucks on them: 'Our cars are toast'
“Tiny” Toese of Patriot Prayer at a rally in Portland. Img

Organizers of Saturday's alt-right rally in Portland, Oregon had their meeting plans foiled by a grocery store manager who called tow trucks on them.

Joey Gibson leads a group called Patriot Prayer out of his home in the Portland suburb of Vancouver, Washington.

His group took buses to Portland for its "Free Speech" rally today for security reasons. The extremists met up in Vancouver to catch a ride.

However, according to the Columbian newspaper, the group's meeting spot of the Fred Meyer grocery store in Grand Central Retail Center was not accommodating.

"Security and tow trucks milled around the Fred Meyer parking lot at 2500 Columbia House Blvd., ready to pick up anyone who left their car at the private shopping center," the paper reported. "Portland-based commercial real estate firm NAI Elliot, which manages the property, announced Friday that anyone who parked except to shop or work would be towed at their own expense."

“Once we leave, our cars are toast,” said one of the extremists.

The group was also denied use of businesses in the area, many of which reportedly blocked off their parking lots.

Even the city's Park and Ride spot was also blockaded with a security guard standing watch, the Columbian reported.

The alt-right group ended up using a parking lot at a city park.

The buses that eventually showed up only had a 12-passenger capacity.

"It took several hours for the buses to travel back and forth across the river, leaving a crowd waiting in a 'hurry up and wait' holding pattern at the park," the paper wrote.