Republican Ana Navarro warns Trump not to attack Don Lemon and LeBron James -- because they are out of his league
Ana Navarro (Photo: Screen capture)

Republican strategist and CNN commentator Ana Navarro blasted the president after he attacked Don Lemon, LeBron James and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA). She noted in a tweet that all of those people have one thing in common: their race. Navarro urged Trump to stay away from attacking them because they're way out of his league.

“Look, if you don’t see this as racist, I would ask you to please go get your vision checked,” Navarro said Sunday. “It’s also — remember, we’re not taking this, you know, in a vacuum. This is not the one instance when Donald Trump has said something that is a dog whistle, a racist dog whistle.”

She recalled the president's comment that he doesn't want immigrants from so-called "sh*thole countries" like "Africa."

Another of Trump's crusades has been an attack on black sports stars kneeling during the National Anthem. The protest has been part of an ongoing protest against police brutality and criminal justice reform.

“There is nothing that he can do that at this point will turn off that base,” Navarro said. “I think they are emotionally invested in him. They see him as their ugly baby, but it’s their baby, so nobody better tell me he’s an ugly baby. They see it as a tribal fight.”

She noted that the NBA basketball star just opened an at-risk STEM school for needy children. Meanwhile, Trump was forced to settle lawsuits from Trump University.

"These are guys that came out of poverty, that did it on their own, that worked hard as hell, that are smart, that don't lie to the American people on a daily basis and are finding ways to make America great today and do things to contribute to the community they're a part of," Navarro said. "I have seen Don Lemon, who is a friend of mine, do so much for charity work, for philanthropy. LeBron James is another one."

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