Former ethics czar Richard Painter warns of Trump's 'mental stability' after he incriminated himself on Twitter
Prof. Richard Painter was the chief White House ethics lawyer.

Former Bush ethics lawyer, Richard Painter, called out President Donald Trump for posting incriminating tweets and said the president's mental health should be checked.

On Wednesday, President Trump tweeted that Attorney General Jeff Sessions should un-recuse himself from the Special Counsel Robert Muller's investigation.

"It's certainly evidence of obstruction of justice. And first, we really have to worry about the mental stability of our president when he is incriminating himself on Twitter," Painter said.

He continued: "This is very, very damaging, very incriminating tweet. It's part of a long pattern of obstruction of justice. The prosecutor will find evidence of obstruction inside the White House, I'm sure."

He said there it's clear evidence of obstruction of justice.

"We should have had hearings in the House and Senate judiciary committee at the same time that Robert Mueller was hired. And that’s the way it was done in the Nixon days. They had the House and Senate actually doing their jobs, and investigating. This is and has been evidence of obstruction of justice going all the way back to the Comey firing, at least. It’s shameful it’s not being investigated. He ought to be out of office by now.”