Seth Meyers: ‘If there’s any trap tailor-made for Trump -- it’s a perjury trap'
Seth Meyers [Photo: screengrab from video]

Late Night host Seth Meyers mocked President Donald Trump and his team over special counsel Robert Mullers investigation.

President Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani said that President Trump would not sit down with Muller's team because it was a perjury trap.

"If there's any trap tailor-made for Trump, it's a perjury trap, that or fried chicken under a box," Meyers said.

He said that Trump's team was concerned about a perjury trap because they are unable to get their story straight.

"On Sunday Giuliani went on CNN to clarify his story, but only made things worse by changing his story yet again," Meyers said.

Giuliani lied to Jake Tapper by saying that President Trump never had a conversation with former FBI Director James Comey, after saying something opposite on ABC.

"You lied to Jake Tapper! And you know what they call that? A perjury tap," Meyers joked.

Meyers then joked about former White House aide Omarose Manigault-Newman tell-all book about the president.

Newman said that at one point, she witnessed the president eating a piece of paper after a meeting with his attorney Michael Cohen.

"So, now we have one liar, who admits she lied in the past, claiming she's telling the truth now about the liar she worked for," Meyers said.

"And a third liar who's under investigation for lying, who taped the first liar to prove he wasn't lying, saying the second liar is lying about the first liar. I'm starting to think none of this happened or they all ate pieces of paper," he concluded.

Watch the video below.