Watch: Seth Meyers brutally mocks Giuliani’s embarrassing interviews -- and Trump for hiring him
Seth Meyers slams former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani (Photo: Screen capture)

Late Night host Seth Meyers teased President Donald Trump's lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, over his defense of the presidents alleged incriminating tweets about Mueller's investigation.

During an impromptu interview with reporters, Giuliani said that President Trump was just tweeting his opinions and that he hasn't fully researched if obstructing justice is a crime.

"I'm not going to tell you my opinion on it, because I haven't really gotten to the conclusion of researching," Giuliani said.

Meyers was stunned that Giuliani is the best representation that President Trump has. "This says a lot about your case when this is the best lawyer you can get to represent you," Meyers said.

"You want a guy who sounds like Atticus Finch," Meyers said. "Rudy sounds like he just wandered outside of Central Park wearing an open hospital gown."

Watch below.