Top conservative intellectuals get into profane cat-fight over Trump's character
Press conference by US President Donald Trump at the NATO Summit in Brussels. (NATO photo)

A Twitter spat about Donald Trump's "character" led to a conservative magazine editor telling a White House ally that his head is planted solely where the sun doesn't shine.

The fight between National Review's Jonah Goldberg and Black Panther-turned-Stephen Miller mentor David Horowitz began innocently enough when the apparent never-Trump senior editor posed a question about the president's personality on Twitter.

"Re-asking a question I've been posing for three years: Please come up with a definition of good character that Donald Trump can clear," Goldberg tweeted.

Along with a response from the infamous Nazi-saluting Trump ally Jeffrey Lord and other conservatives, the tweet also caught the attention of Horowitz.

"He has an amazing family. He's loyal to a fault. He loves the country that gave him a privileged life, He works around the clock for ordinary Americans, & their security," the former liberal activist wrote. "He would never appoint a treacherous individual to head the CIA."

Horowitz then implored Goldberg to "wake up" because there's a "war" and he can't remain "neutral" during it.

The National Review editor responded in kind to Horowitz's defense of the president.

"This is total nonsense David," Goldberg wrote. "He’s not loyal to a fault. He’s not loyal to his wives. Read up on how he treated Roy Cohn."

"He doesn’t work around the clock. He won’t read and won’t stop watching TV," the editor continued. "I can’t tell if your head is up your ass or his."

"No need to get nasty Jonah, especially when we're talking about good character," Horowitz rebuffed. "I guess I'm just focused on the war."