Trump now picking a border war with Canada over a tiny and desolate island off the Maine coast: report
Machias Seal Island off the coast of Maine/Courtesy of

His wall on the Mexican border has not been built, but President Donald Trump is picking a second border dispute.

According to the Washington Post, under Trump the U.S. State Department is getting aggressive with Canadians over an obscure and unpopulated island off the coast of Maine.

Machias Seal Island is 20-acre island 10 miles off the coast of Maine. The only people who reside there are Canadians who run a lighthouse. There are no trees on the windswept island.

But that has not stopped U.S. Border Patrol agents in speedboats who detaining Canadian lobster boats in an area where fisherman from both countries are supposed to be allowed to work. This is the first time in memory that such a thing has happened.

Capt. Andrew Patterson, who leads birding groups to the remote island, said there was an incident just after the G-7 summit in Quebec where Trump was rude to Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.