Trump voters tell CNN they're rattled by president's praise of Manafort -- and his implicit offer of pardons
Trump voter Peter Satorio talks with CNN (Screen cap).

A group of Pennsylvania Trump voters told CNN this week that they were disturbed to see President Donald Trump heavily praising former campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who was convicted this week on multiple counts of tax fraud.

While most Trump voters who talked with CNN said they still back the president, they also said that pardoning Manafort might be something of a red line that could cost him their support.

"The pardons -- I don't agree with it," said barber shop owner Aldo Sartorio, who said that the president pardoning Manafort could make him change his mind about backing him in 2020.

"The president better watch about the pardons," concurred Aldo's relative, Peter Sartorio. "With the pardons, if he does that, it looks like it was set up by him with the last couple of tweets that he had, where he sticks up for... Manafort, thinks he's a great guy. He's kind of sending a message that, 'If you stick with me, I'll pardon you.'"

Watch the full video on Pennsylvania Trump voters below.