Uber driver caught on video calling black passenger the N-word -- and loses his job less than 24 hours later

Javon O'Neal was on his way to work Thursday morning when his Uber driver began calling him the N-word.

O'Neal, a Tallahassee, Florida resident said the Uber driver started talking about race and politics. The conversation went south once the Uber driver told him "you're living in a White man's world."

O'Neal began to record the conversation on his phone and uploaded the video to social media. The driver started using the N-Word multiple times.

In a statement to Uber, O'Neal said, "This ride made me feel very uncomfortable, emotionally and exhausted, and not comfortable with getting another Uber."

An Uber representative said that once they heard about the situation, they immediately removed the driver's access from using the app.

"As soon as we were made aware of this, we removed the driver’s access from the app,” the representative said.

Uber has consistently been scrutinized for their brand image and incidents involving racism and gender bias. Quita Conyers, O'Neal's mother, told ABC 7 that racism still exists.

“I think it’s just wrong and mean for anyone to call someone that name,” she said. "Especially someone in their profession, who chose to do a job to get somebody where they need to be. And this is what he has to go through because he’s a black man.”

Watch the video below.