Attorney Michael Cohen chose to turn on the president he represented for years, as he pleaded guilty to eight felony counts -- including campaign finance violations.

Vanity Fair reporter Emily Jane Fox speaks often to Cohen, and she told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" about her conversation with the disgraced attorney shortly after he pleaded guilty in federal court.

"It was an emotional day for him," Fox said. "I believe last night he tried to live life as normally as possible, went out to dinner with his wife."

"I was in the courtroom yesterday, and watched him go through count by count and describe what he did wrong for each count, and he absolutely got emotional as he was describing them," she continued. "Clearly that's a hard thing to do, to admit to a packed courtroom full of mostly reporters, here are the eight illegal things I did, and I'm going to explain what I did and how I did them."

Trump eventually turned on his attorney after the FBI raided his office, and Fox said Cohen eventually gave up the loyalty he has pledged to the president.

"Implicating the president in counts seven and eight was a deliberate choice, a choice he wrote out ahead of time and spoke to a courtroom filled with reporters," Fox said. "So that, I think, tells you more about his mindset and how he feels about the president than any interview he's done."

"He told me almost exactly a year ago he'd take a bullet for the president," she added. "Just a striking turn in a year. I've watched this whole thing go down, I've watched the change firsthand and it's -- yesterday was more striking than I've ever seen."