'The walls are crashing in on him': Ex-DNI Clapper explains Trump's latest frantic attacks on Mueller
James Clapper (MSNBC)

Appearing on CNN Friday morning, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper said that, to his eyes, President Donald Trump is beginning to lose it because the president believes the walls are "crashing in on him."

Speaking with host John Berman, Clapper was asked about an interview Trump conducted with Bloomberg where he called special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation "illegal."

"You looked at the president's statement last night," Berman began. "You have seen his tweets in the last few days, some of the language, the interview with Bloomberg, and you think this shows it is starting to get to him. How? Why?"

"I just think the volume and the -- to me -- the irrationality of some of the things he is saying in his tweets, at least tell me that, you know, the walls are kind of crashing in on him," Clapper replied. "When you think about the sequence of events in the last week or so, when you have the [Paul] Manafort guilty plea and Michael Cohen plea bargain, and the revelations about the past misdeeds the National Enquirer has been suppressing, I think that more and more, he is legally thinking that he feels like he is in jeopardy."

"I think what he is trying to do, using a military expression is prepping the battlefield and undermining the credibility of the investigation," Clapper continued. "I guess it is a rhetorical ratcheting up here from a hoax to something illegal. The fact that he has not used that adjective before is pretty significant."

You can watch the video below via CNN: