WATCH: Bill Maher and Rick Wilson pummel Trump for being 'hip-deep' in Russian spies in the Oval Office
Rick Wilson, Bill Maher -- HBO screenshot

During the Overtime segment on HBO's Real Time, host Bill Maher brought up the incarceration of whistleblower Reality Winner -- who leaked a top-secret report on Russian interference in U.S. elections -- only for the conversation to turn to President Donald Trump.

According to GOP strategist Rick Wilson, President Donald Trump's involvement with the Russians is far worse than anything Winner did.

"I worry about a president who holds private meetings in the Oval Office with Russian spies and ambassadors and goes behind closed doors and God knows what he and Putin are talking about," Wilson stated. "He's been hip-deep with the Russians since he was a young post-STD-avoiding veteran of New York."

"And so I worry. Yes she broke the law, and the sentence was harsh but it was within the guidelines were, but we've got an administration that has more fundamentally compromised our security on so many levels than she ever could dream of doing," he continued.

Watch the video below via HBO: