WATCH: Motel manager grabs young female employee's face to force her to smile more
Alexandra McMillin being grabbed by motel manager -- surveillance camera screenshot

An Oregon Comfort Inn motel manager is under fire after he grabbed an employee's face and forced her to smile after he received a complaint from a guest, reports FOX 12.

According to the report, Alexandra McMillin was just starting her evening shift at the motel located in Newport when her manager -- who is unnamed -- confronted her with a complaint that she wasn’t smiling enough.

“He’s like you know pacing back and forth looking like he’s going to make a physical advance, why my body gets extremely defensive because he’s a person who I’ve had a history within the past who’s breached their boundaries plenty of times,” McMillin told FOX 12. "As he, you know, advances he’s like you just need to learn how to smile a little better and grabs me by either sides of the face and tries to force a smile onto my face. And I immediately said you are not allowed to touch me like that you need to back up."

McMillin's story is backed up by surveillance video that shows her supervisor aggressively walking up to her and grabbing her chin and mouth.

According to the employee, she notified the owners of the motel who promptly moved her to another motel they own, with McMillin warning it might not be enough.

"Men continue to get away with these things over and over again and so many women are scared to speak out about it and that was one of the things that inspired me to say something,” she explained.

FOX12 approached the manager to get his side of the story, but he refused to speak to them.

Watch the video below via FOX 12: