WATCH: Police randomly stop black man and demand he explain his presence
Samuel Eni via Twitter.

A black man in London was bewildered when a police officer stopped him for no reason. Samuel Eni taped the encounter and described his experience on Twitter.

"So today this happened to me it’s called “Stop and Accounting” now under the law the police don’t have the power to force you stay but this situation was different. This is completely racial profiling, stereotyping, and prejudice," he wrote.

British police have the power to stop people and demand to know what they are doing.

The BBC reports that Eni missed the train to work. Although he was technically free to leave at any time, he said he felt intimidated and worries about law enforcement abusing their power.

"I felt like that's something they could take advantage of," he told BBC. "I didn't feel I could leave at any point."