Watch progressive Nina Turner and conservative Amanda Carpenter join forces and level Trump for his 'racism'
Nina Turner, Amanda Carpenter -- screenshots

Donald Trump got it from both sides on CNN this morning as conservative commentator Amanda Carpenter and progressive advocate Nina Turner called the president out for his overt racism in a matched set of rants.

Appearing on a panel with State of the Union host Jake Tapper,  the conservative Carpenter reminded viewers she is a "never-Trumper," before hammering the president for giving lip service to the disapproving of the "Unite the Right" march in Washington D.C. with a single tweet on Saturday.

As host Tapper noted Trump is claiming responsibility for low African-America unemployment rates, Carpenter said that was the last thing she wanted to hear about.

"I can't listen to statistics about the economy because there are white supremacists marching on the White House lawn today," she exclaimed, only to have Tapper clarify the march would actually be in front of the White House.

"Practically within earshot of the president. Where is my president?" she asked. "In New Jersey! At the golf course, and the best he can do is put out a tweet?"

"This festered because the president has taken both sides approach and this is a time to take sides," she insisted. "It's a no-brainer and it sickens me when I drive home today I'm going to drive past this and president does nothing about it."

When it was pointed out that Trump's approval rating with African-Americans was improving, panelist Turner took a swing at the racism that has become more overt under Trump.

"Racism is structural racism," she exclaimed. "We see that play out generation after generation. This is not just about the Nazis marching in the streets. That's one thing when Malcolm X said, 'The difference between a south and north is the difference between the fox and the wolf.'"

"I understand the wolf because the wolf is out there in the open," she continued. "What I don't understand is the fox. And the fox has created a structural system in this country that is bigger than President Trump."

You can watch the video below via CNN: