WATCH: Rob Reiner and Stephen Colbert clobber Trump before hilariously mimicking his bumbling way of walking and talking
Rob Reiner, Stephen Colbert -- screenshot

Appearing with Late Show host Stephen Colbert, actor and director Rob Reiner recalled the one time he met Donald Trump -- prior to the then-New York businessman becoming president -- and proceeded to mock his style of walking and talking.

According to Reiner, he met Trump years ago at a boxing event and said he couldn't get over the size of Trump's ego. Reiner then engaged in a discussion with host Colbert about Trump's style of presenting himself which they agreed is nothing less than "bad acting."

"There is no actor I have ever worked who comes in even close to this man," Reiner recalled. "He was never interested in anything we had to do, it was all about him, and I thought, 'Wow, what businessman has this kind of ego?'"

With that, Reiner mimicked the way Trump speaks about himself, before ridiculing Trump's round-shouldered shuffling way he walks.

See for yourself below via CBS: