'We've completely fallen for it': Fox News host suggests Mueller's probe is a plot from Vladimir Putin
Trish Regan (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox News Outnumbered host Trish Regan suggested on Monday that special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian election attacks is actually being secretly manipulated by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

During a discussion of the Mueller investigation on Monday, Regan argued that the probe could "gin up some support" for pro-Trump candidates during the midterms.

"If they feel like their president is being pushed into a corner, increasingly so, maybe that will get them out to the polls," Regan explained. "I would like this could be done and over with."

"We're just sick of it," Fox News co-host Melissa Francis chimed in.

Regan argued that the investigation is dividing the country like Putin wants.

"The longer it goes on, the more Americans lose faith in their government," Regan opined. "And that is a dangerous thing. And if you think that Vladimir Putin maybe have had an ulterior motive here, and was maybe trying to plant some of this doubt in the American public's mind, we'll we've completely fallen for it."

"So the longer this goes on, the more distrust people have," she added. "Let's just get it done and over."

Watch the video below from Fox News.