White Brooklyn firefighter investigated for screaming slurs at black EMT while she was helping power outage victims
Dismayed black woman (Shutterstock)

A Brooklyn firefighter is under investigation after screaming a racial slur at a EMT who was responding to an emergency phone call, reported the New York Daily News.

The African America EMT and the white firefighter were both on their way to help thousands of victims who had lost power due to a blackout.

During a heated phone conversation, the white firefighter grew irritated and told the EMT to: “Just do your job, you black b*itch.”

A day later the EMT submitted a formal complaint to the New York City Fire Department.

A spokeswoman for the fire department said: “A complaint has been filed with the EEO office and an investigation has been opened."

As of Friday, the firefighter was still on active duty.

The fire department has a history of racial violence. In June seven firefighters and a lieutenant were suspended without pay for committing a hate crime against a black man.