'A**holes of the world unite': Fox's Brian Kilmeade gets pounded on Twitter after he defends teen attempted rape
Fox News host Brian Kilmeade (screen grab)

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade felt the wrath of the Internet on Wednesday after he appeared to defend young men who sexually assault young women in high school.

While discussing the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Kilmeade complained that anyone could "go back to high school and college" and destroy someone's life over attempted rape allegations.

Twitter users lashed out at the Fox News host after his remarks began to trend on the social media network.

"It seems that Brian Kilmeade sexually assaulted girls at school....why else would he approve of it?" one user wrote.

"So if what I'm hearing is accurate @Kilmeade just basically said its perfectly OK to sexually assault HIS kids as long as they're in high school," ShimmerCatMan noted. "There ya go perverts! Free meat! @FoxNews 'Assholes Of The World Unite.'"

Read a sampling of the tweets below.