'Art of the Deal' author blasts 'repugnant' Lindsey Graham and GOP for Kavanaugh antics: 'This is how democracy dies'
Lindsey Graham (Photo: Screen capture)

The co-author of President Donald Trump's  "Art Of The deal" lit up Twitter following Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's alternately weepy and raging  performance before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday, saying his answers -- and the way  the GOP embraced him is "how democracy dies.'

According to Tony Schwartz as the hearings ran, "My hope is that today's tableau in the Senate is a profound and permanent inflection point. Christine Blasey Ford has shared with the world the sexual violence and trauma to which countless women have been subjected -- and the toxic entitlement of so many powerful men."

What transpired left him filled with rage and disgust, particularly the hysterical antics of Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

"Lindsey Graham has emerged as one of the most repugnant men in America," he wrote before going off on the way the end of the hearing played out.

You can see his tweets below: