Attorney reveals potential link between a Dallas cop and the innocent man she gunned down in his own apartment
Dallas police officer Amber Guyger poses for a photo withtwo unidentified women and S. Lee Merritt appears on CNN/Screenshots

Noise complaints preceded the incident in which a Dallas cop shot and killed a black man in his own apartment.

Amber Guyger, 30, had just finished a 15-hour shift when she claims to have accidentally approached the wrong apartment, where she found her door ajar and shot at a "large silhouette" that turned out to be her neighbor, a successful young man named Botham Jean, whom she killed.

Guyger has been charged with manslaughter, but an attorney for her victim has pointed to several inconsistencies, including neighbors saying they heard a female knocking and shouting "let me in" before the killing.

The attorney for the victim, S. Lee Meritt, appeared on CNN Tuesday where he was asked by host Brooke Baldwin whether there was any connection between the two.

"The only connection we have been able to make is that she was his immediate downstairs neighbor," Meritt said. "And there were noise complaints from the immediate downstairs neighbors about whoever was upstairs, and that would have been Botham. In fact, there were noise complaints that very day about upstairs activity in Botham's apartment. Botham received a phone call about noise coming from his apartment from the downstairs neighbor."

Watch the CNN segment below.