Christine Blasey Ford's family breaks their silence and calls Kavanaugh's testimony 'belligerent' and 'evasive'
Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's  sisters-in-law [Photo: Screengrab from video

On Friday, Christine Blasey Ford's family sat down with CNN's Kate Bolduan and called Brett Kavanaugh's performance in front of the Senate Judicial Committee "evasive."

Dr.Ford accused the Supreme Court nominee of sexually assaulting her. During Kavanaugh's testimony, he shared a story about his daughters and how despite everything they were still praying for Dr. Ford.

"Little Liza, all of ten years old, said we should pray for the woman," Kavanaugh said during Thursday's hearing.

Ford's sister-in-law, Debra Ford Peters, said Kavanaugh's speech was incohesive.

"I had a hard time understanding his emotions. So, I think it sounds nice that he has no ill will, but it seemed kind of out of place and I didn't feel like he was really relating to [Dr. Ford] as a person most of the time," Peters said.

"There wasn't much narrative about how they knew each other or how this might have gotten interpreted by him versus her. So, I felt like he was extremely defensive even to the point of being belligerent earlier and then he would come out with this emotion. It just didn't seem very cohesive in the narrative."

Watch the clip below via CNN.