CNN panel smacks down Don Trump Jr. with 'simple math' after claim his dad fixed Obama's economy
Donald Trump Jr. (Screen Capture)

Responding to an interview Donad Trump Jr. gave to, where he attacked former President Barack Obama with the claim, "My dad fixed the economy you could not," a CNN panel nipped that story in the bud with a simple fact check.

Late Saturday night, President Donald Trump promoted the interview in a tweet,  writing: "Exclusive -- Donald Trump Jr. to Obama: My Dad Fixed the Economy You Could Not via "

According to CNN's John King: not true.

"Donald Trump Jr. said how dare Barack Obama to try to take any credit for the economy," King explained while displaying the tweet and reading, "Donald Trump Jr. to Obama: My dad fixed the economy, you could not."

"Simple math," King bluntly stated. "There have been 95 consecutive months of job growth -- Donald Trump has been president for 19 months."

"The recovery started under Barack Obama," he continued. "It has gained steam with tax cuts and deregulation, the president can claim all the credit he wants for that, but simple math there."

You can watch the video below: