CNN's Toobin writes Jeff Flake's political obituary: There is no 'weaker, more pathetic figure in the US'
CNN senior legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin once again unloaded on Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) on Friday -- and delivers what was effectively an obituary for his political career.

During a CNN panel, Toobin excoriated Flake for supporting bringing in Dr. Christine Blasey Ford to talk before the Senate Judiciary Committee -- and then declining to ask either her or Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh any serious questions.

"Jeff Flake, having called for the hearing, didn't even bother to use his five minutes!" he said. "For one minute, he sort of said, 'Oh, this is very sad.'"

Toobin then framed Flake's empty gestures with the way he has behaved throughout the Trump era -- that is, making a big deal about standing up for institutional norms and slinking away from the fight when it comes time to actually vote.

"If there is a weaker, more pathetic political figure in the U.S. than Jeff Flake, I'm not aware of who it is," he said. "I thought yesterday was a classic demonstration of his inability to stand for anything."

Watch the video below.