Computer in House offices attempted to edit Wikipedia entry for 'Devil's Triangle' to match what Kavanaugh claimed
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Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh said that the "Devil's Triangle" was a "drinking game," but nowhere on the internet is that term used in association with a drinking game. That was until a person using a Congressional IP address tried to create one.

According to the tracking account "Congressional Edits," which monitors such Wikipedia edits from such IP addresses, "Devil's Triangle (disambiguation)" was edited anonymously from the US House of Representatives Thursday at 21:18.

"A popular drinking game enjoyed by friends of Judge Brett Kavanaugh," was the edit made.

According to Urban Dictionary, as well as Wikipedia and other sites, a "Devil's Triangle" is a sexual term used to describe places someone penetrates a woman during intercourse. A later edit of the term included a threesome.

There is a game called "beer pong -- triangle rules," but Kavanaugh compared it to "quarters" not beer pong.