Conservative commentator Jennifer Rubin unleashes fury on Trump's 'crazy-pants conspiracy theories'
Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin. Image via screengrab.

Conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin unloaded on President Donald Trump for claiming Democrats inflated the Hurricane Maria death toll in Puerto Rico to make him look bad.

Rubin mused that if President George W. Bush had suggested the 9/11 death toll was fake, "the country would have been in open revolt."

"I think the realization is about to hit home for Republicans that this is a loser for them," the columnist said. "Donald Trump dominates the news with these crazy-pants theories and statements, and they are tied at the hip with him."

It's no surprise, Rubin added, that GOP "polls are dropping like a stone."

"No wonder there they're double-digits behind in the congressional generic polling," she said. "They're identified with this crazy stuff and their spinelessness, their encouragement, their enabling is going to come back in November."

Watch below, via MSNBC: