'Distressed' GOP aides are now panicking about Kavanaugh: 'Avenatti brought the heat'
Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanagh at his Senate hearing/Screenshot

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation is now in grave peril -- and some Republicans are panicking to reporters.

CBS News' Nancy Cordes says a GOP aide whom she described as "distressed" lamented that Kavanaugh is now in serious trouble in the wake of a new accusation that he was involved in gang rapes while he was a student at Georgetown Prep in the 1980s.

"Michael Avenatti brought the heat," the aide said. "America should be sad."

On the other side of the equation, an unnamed Republican described as "close" to the Kavanaugh confirmation process has told Politico's Nancy Cook that they cannot possibly believe the allegations against the judge because of his successful judicial career.

"You can’t be a rapist and alcoholic at the age of 17 and then years later, become a highly accomplished person," the Republican told her.