Florida Chair of the Republican Black Caucus blows up at Al Sharpton -- calling him a race-baiter and black socialist

MSNBC host Rev. Al Sharpton got into it with Sen Jackson, the Florida chair of the Republican Black Caucus during the Sunday morning talk shows. The conversation was about the racially charged commentary about Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

"You know what is so sick about this situation, this young lady and every Democrat has the audacity for amnesia and forget the fact President [Barack] Obama and every other Democratic person used this term before," Jackson said about people calling Gillum "articulate."

His second point is that people are turning the Florida race into a conversation about race instead of a conversation about issues.

"I think that is very interesting that a man who just called us black socialists," Sharpton said. "And tells us to deal with issues and not name-calling. You did name-calling, labeling people that disagree with you does not make you a socialist."

"Excuse me, Rev. let me say something," Jackson interrupted. But Sharpton wasn't having it.

"I'm not going to excuse you!" Sharpton said. "I'm going to finish my point. I didn't interrupt you. I think clearly if we debate issues in term of what Gillum is saying and DeSantos is saying around health care around criminal justice, around immigration, to call us names only feeds into people saying it's a name calling Trump-like campaign who you say is very, he's very loyal to Trump. That's where you duck policy and duck telling seniors and others want you to want to do to their health care and criminal justice, so I think it's very telling in denouncing name calling you to call us a name."

Jackson swore he didn't call Sharpton a name, rather he said he was race-baiting and that it was wrong.

"You called us black socialists!" Sharpton responded.

It devolved into chaos from there.

Watch the battle below: