Former Georgetown Prep classmate calls Kavanaugh accusations 'story I know was repeated dozens of times'
Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh (Photo: Screenshot)

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was accused of sexual assault while in a room with friend Mark Judge. Judge has since come to Kavanaugh's defense with emphatic declarations about their lives at Georgetown Prep. But one fellow classmate is calling Judge out for his history of victim-shaming.

According to a Facebook post by Eric Ruyak, Judge went on the attack after Ruyak alleged a priest from Georgetown Prep molested him.

"For those of you who don't know, I went to Georgetown Prep, where both Kavanaugh and Gorsuch went as well," wrote Ruyak. "When I came forward with allegations regarding Gary Orr, a former priest, sexually assaulting me...Mark Judge (Kavanaugh's friend in this who despicable story of sexual assault) reached out to alums saying that Gary Orr was a great priest and that I had obviously been corrupted by liberalism into a homosexual and therefore was most definitely lying."

Years later, Orr admitted to raping many children and Georgetown Prep confessed to the incident in a letter to parents and students.

"There are inevitable feelings of sadness, disbelief and anger, which are the same emotions I have been struggling with,” Rev. William L. George, president of Georgetown Prep. said in a letter.

Once Orr admitted to molestation, Judge alleged said: "Orr was raping kids because of the unchecked liberalism at Prep, and that regardless of whether or not I was telling the truth, I was a homosexual and had it coming."

He urged people to search for news about "Mark Judge Gary Orr," and noted evidence is available about "what a f*cking loon" Judge is "and with what malice he writes his right wing bullsh*t."

"So...for me to hear that this son of a bitch is involved in the allegations of Kavanaugh attempting to rape a girl in high school comes as no surprise to me," said Ruyak. "It's always the loudest most arrogant voices that are trying to hide the truth beneath the din of their own pompous voices."

He went on to say that the story Dr. Christine Blasey Ford "is one that I know was repeated dozens of times in my 4 years at Prep."

Internet researches combed through Mark Judges' history online and found an alarming number of photos of young women in sexual positions, which you can see here. Yearbook posts from Judge quote him saying, "Certain women should be struck regularly, like gongs."

Judge has refused to testify before Congress.

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