Former Mueller deputy explains how Trump’s attacks on Jeff Sessions help prosecutors prove obstruction of justice
Robert Mueller and Glenn Kirschner, via Twitter.

MSNBC legal analyst and former federal prosecutor Glenn Kirschner laid out how President Donald Trump's public attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions are helping the special counsel investigation into obstruction of justice.

Kirschner worked with special counsel Robert Mueller in the District of Columbia United States Attorney's office and joined MSNBC anchor Andrea Mitchell and former DOJ official Chuck Rosenberg on Wednesday to discuss the president's latest attacks on his Attorney General.

"It is somewhat ironic, Andrea, because the one person who has the authority to remove Jeff Sessions from the job is the guy who is continually complaining about the job that he is doing," Rosenberg noted. "If the president is that upset and that concerned, there is a solution."

"I agree with Chuck that it is silly that a person who can fire Jeff Sessions does nothing but incessantly complain about Jeff Sessions," Kirschner added. "But there's another downside for the president and that is everything that he says about Jeff Sessions not being my attorney general, not protecting me, and not shutting down the investigation is of keen interest to the Mueller investigation."

Kirschner noted Trump, "is informing the investigation about the president's motive and intent with every act he takes and every statement he makes and every tweet that he issues."

"And so he is doing himself a lot of harm by continuing to ring this same bell," he concluded.