Former prosecutor reveals why GOP senators booted Rachel Mitchell -- Kavanaugh was cracking
Mimi Rocah on MSNBC/Screenshot

What happened to the special inquisitor who Senate Republicans had summoned from Arizona to ask questions of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford during Brett Kavanaugh's testimony?

MSNBC anchor Chris Haynes took on the topic with former federal prosecutor Mimi Rocah on Thursday night.

Rocah began by saying that, as a fellow prosecutor, she was "embarrassed" by Rachel Mitchell, ostensibly an advocate for sexual assault victims at her office in Phoenix, being willing to "partake in this sham."

Mitchell was not able to shake Blasey Ford, Rocah said.

"Even with Ms. Mitchell trying to cross examine her, trying to poke holes in her, trying to show inconsistencies—nothing, zero, they poked no holes that mattered," she said. "Her story came out clear."

Things went awry, Rocah said, when Mitchell did "the same thing" to Kavanaugh.

"She was actually asking him fact-based questions and he was evasive and he couldn't answer them and they did not want that to happen," she said. "And that is why she got fired on the spot."

"That was no accident," Rocah said. "They were having none of that, because he was not doing well with that. Once you got into facts with him, once that started, he was not doing well with that so it had to get more political."

Watch below.