Former Republican strategist explains why Brett Kavanaugh needs to withdraw: 'I don't see how this works out for the GOP'
MSNBC analyst Sophia Nelson and alleged sexual assailant Brett Kavanaugh/Screenshot

A former Republican strategist, Sophia Nelson, told MSNBC on Saturday that she thinks Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh needs to withdraw his name from consideration.

The issue Nelsons sees it that the survivor of Kavanaugh's alleged assault, Christine Blasey Ford, would be questioned by what host Richard Lui described as "crusty old white men."

"I don't see how the Republicans come out of this in a good way no matter what happens," she said. "If they hear Dr. Ford and then they hear judge Kavanaugh, and then they push the nomination through, regardless of how the public feels about it or the reaction to it, that's not going to bode well for them in the midterms."

Not allowing the FBI to investigate further enflames people, Nelson said.

"The Republicans have to deal with this, and they've got to take it seriously," she said. "Judge Kavanaugh, in my opinion needs to withdraw. They need to put somebody else in for selection and for the Senate to review. This is just a mess at this point and it is only going to get worse and Trump is not helping himself or the party."

Watch below.