Fox host stumps White House spokesperson with a simple question: How is the NYT op-ed a national security matter?
White House official Mercedes Schlapp -- screengrab

Appearing on Fox News, White House Director of Strategic Communication Mercedes Schlapp was left grasping for an answer after being asked how the New York Times op-ed written by an anonymous White House official damaged national security.

With President Donald Trump asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the White House looking for the culprit -- or culprits -- Fox host Harris Faulkner asked, "He [Trump] said it is a 'matter of national security.' How is it a matter of national security to find out who wrote that op-ed?"

"Well, it is very clear that this administration official is doing what he or she can to basically be deceitful, to ensure that they basically resist or obstruct what the president's agenda is," Schlapp attempted.

"That is outright not only coward [sic] but dangerous," she added.

"I want to double down on this because I really want to understand it," Faulkner persisted. "How does this hurt national security to have an op-ed person not be named?"

"Look, I can't comment on any of the internal deliberations, or, or any part of a future investigation," Schlapp stammered. "What I can tell is what this anonymous source has done, is really just -- it's really unfortunate."

Schlapp then said it was a slap in the face to White House aides like herself who are trying to push Trump's agenda, before describing what it is like working with Trump.

"I understand it because you are talking about having priority discussion," Faulkner replied, letting Schlapp off the hook without answering her question.

Watch the video below via Fox News: