Fox News asks FBI profiler who hunted the Unabomber to try busting anonymous NYT op-ed writer
Fox News host Harris Faulkner and Unabomber hunter James R. Fitzgerald/Screenshot

Since the publication of an explosive anonymous op-ed by a senior Trump administration official who detailed the ways insiders are working to thwart the "amoral" president, lots of people have made attempts to out the writer.

The use of an odd, archaic word pointed to Vice President Mike Pence, while other White House sources have claimed that deliberately using someone else's favorite idioms is the way of the leaker.

President Donald Trump has suggested he might want to use a lie detector on his own staff while calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to investigate the matter.

Fox Ness host Harris Faulkner took things to a new level on her Friday night show by asking an FBI criminal profiler who hunted the Unabomber to get involved and analyze the matter.

James R. Fitzgerald worked for years to bust Unabomber Ted Kaczynski using his skills as a profiler and linguist.

"There's no question this person has an advanced level of writing skills and he or she—not exactly sure of gender at this point—they know how to write very succinctly, very cogently, and get their point across," he said.

Fitzgerald said that he has been hired by executives to try and identify people who post negative comments about them on and that this letter bears a strong resemblance to those. Fitzgerald also said that in such comments there is a "linguistic proof of life" that shows originality but that he didn't see anything "singular" here.

Fitzgerald also said that the line about "Trump appointees" struck him as a possible "contra-indicator" and that this "interesting autobiographical clue" might be a red herring.

"They may be a lower level someone who just took a regular job and somehow they're now involved in the White House staff in some decision making and all of a sudden they're trying to lump themselves in there to make themselves sound more important but also not be identified," he said.

Watch below.