Fox News' Chris Wallace slams Trump for his 'disturbing' demand to prosecute NY Times op-ed writer

Fox News host Chris Wallace sat down with his colleague Shep Smith on Friday afternoon and delivered a brutal smackdown of Donald Trump's demand that the author of an anonymous New York Times op-ed, which described staff working to thwart an unhinged and ignorant president, be prosecuted.

"There have been two e-mails this week, tweets this week -- e-mails is so old fashioned -- that shocked a lot of people," Wallace told Smith. "Even more disturbing was the tweet on Monday by the president, seems like 2 1/2 weeks ago, in which the president basically called out Jeff Sessions for the prosecution of two Democratic -- rather Republican congressmen on charges of corruption."

Wallace noted that while Trump spends a lot of time calling for the arrest and imprisonment of his political enemies -- Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and now the author of the unsigned editorial -- nothing these figures have done rises to the level of criminality.

"I'd like someone to point out what the violation of federal law is here," Wallace said. "Clearly it's embarrassing to the president, disturbing to the president, you can argue it's anti-democratic, but I'm not sure that writing that essay was illegal."

""My guess is they ignore him on the prosecution of the two Republicans and not prosecuting or investigating the anonymous columnist," Wallace added, before criticizing the anonymous author. "If you really think he's doing a service, he or she, this anonymous insider, why wouldn't you shut up and keep doing it? All you've done is inflame the president."

Watch the video below: