Fox News host Shep Smith slaps down Trump's whining about Sessions: 'The Attorney General works for the people'
Fox News personality Shepard Smith.

President Donald Trump once again ramped up his attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions this week, saying that he didn't "have an Attorney General."

Fox News' Shepard Smith pointed to an apparent flaw in Trump's reasoning Wednesday. "When you think things can't get worse. He denied his existence. He said 'Oh, I don't have an Attorney General. But the Attorney General isn't supposed to be on his team. He works for the people."

Fox News contributor John Bussey wondered why the President is lashing out against Sessions now and why he's doing it in such a public and humiliating way."

"Why is this happening in public? Why not resolve it in private? If you don't like him, move on to the next Attorney General? Why the constant humiliation of Sessions?" Bussey wondered.

"You have to conclude that the president feels vulnerable," Bussey said. "Why that may be, perhaps only Mr. Mueller knows."