Fox News host unloads on 'scummy and gross' Avenatti and says people don't want to hear about gang rape
Fox News host Kennedy/Screenshot

Michael Avenatti's bombshell release of a sworn affidavit that alleges Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh participated in gang rapes while a hard-partying prep school teen was ignored by Fox News for the first half-hour following the document's release.

When the topic was finally taken up by the panel on Outnumbered, the conservative hosts were none too pleased about Avenatti's big news. The lawyer has viciously sparred with the network.

"These are some very, very serious allegations," said Kennedy, the former MTV VJ turned Republican firebrand. "Unfortunately a couple things can be true at the same time. Michael Avenatti is scummy and gross. I don't know what an Avenatti Democrat looks like, I assuming it's a few progressive sociopaths."

Kennedy suggested that the American people did not want to hear about Kavanaugh's alleged gang-rape.

"If this is what's going to happen every time the president nominates someone to the Supreme Court—and this is the disgusting process we go through, people are not going to want more of that," Kennedy said.

Watch below.