Fox News priest assures storm victims that little girl who died in hurricane is part of 'God's purpose'
Father Jonathan Morris appears on Fox News (screen grab)

Father Jonathan Morris, a Fox News contributor, assured storm victims watching Fox & Friends on Sunday that the wrath of Hurricane Florence is part of God's plan.

During a segment titled, "Where is God in a hurricane?" Fox News host Ed Henry told Morris that storm victims were suffering.

"Whether it's a hurricane or some other hurricane-like reality in our lives, we get to a point where we say, 'Gosh, where is God?'" Morris explained.

According to Morris, a hurricane "is a time in which we can become better people and focus on our relationship with God and our purpose for existing or else we can become bitter and we can just lose all hope."

Morris argued that "if you build your house on sand, if you believe that fame, money, reputation -- all of those things -- is the meaning of your existence, you can't help but get bitter."

Fox News host Katie Pavlich told the story of a mother and baby who were killed when a tree fell on their home.

"How do people keep their faith when it feels like the whole world is crumbling?" Pavlich asked.

Morris agreed that victims of the storm are saying, "God, give us meaning."

"And I believe there is meaning," Morris promised. "I believe there is life after death. I believe there is salvation and redemption offered to us if we accept that."

"And of course, innocent life like this as a child, we can have great confidence that God, of course, will have mercy and that there is hope, there is life after dead," he added.

"So many people say in a situation like this, 'Gosh, so many people came to my aid,'" Morris concluded. "That is also tapping into God's purpose for situations like this."

Watch the video below from Fox News.