GOP consultant warns Republicans they are about to be swamped by a 'pink wave' of women voters who hate Trump
People gather for the Women's March in Washington U.S., January 21, 2017. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

In a deep dive into the Republican Party's overwhelming problem with losing female voters because the GOP is increasingly looking like a party of white men, a conservative pollster and consultant warned that a "pink wave" of women voters is coming that will kill them at the midterm elections.

According to GOP strategist Alex Castellanos, the problem mostly begins and ends with President Donald Trump.

“The antipathy to Trump from women — college-educated, white, suburban women — transcends anything I’ve ever seen in politics,” Castellanos told the Washington Post. "And it’s not just against Trump’s policies, of course. It’s against Trump as the 1960s ‘Mad Men’ alpha male. It’s Trump who grabbed women where he shouldn’t. Women are coming out to vote against Donald Trump because they see him as a culturally regressive force that would undo the women’s march to equality.”

Adding to the GOP's woes with women is the current battle over the accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh after he was accused by  Dr. Christine Ford of attempting to rape her when they were teens, and who will tell her story on Thursday before a national TV audience.

Democratic pollster Anna Greenberg agreed with Republican Castellanos, saying the damage to the GOP when it comes to women runs deep.

“Everything about this kind of encapsulates in one moment the problem the Republican Party has with women, ranging from it being male-dominated — with Trump’s Cabinet and the Republican leadership in Congress — to issues of dismissing women who experienced harassment and assault with typical kinds of victim-blaming,” she elaborated.

According to the report, "The gender gap between the two parties has increased since Trump’s election. The percentage of women who say they lean toward the Republican Party is now 32 percent, down from 35 percent in 2016 and an average of 37 percent between 2010 and 2017, according to Post-ABC News polling."

Speaking with the Post, Katie Packer Beeson -- a GOP strategist whose firm specializes in communicating to women -- she said the Kavanaugh/Ford hearing is dangerous territory for Republicans.

“If I were the Republicans, I would identify the one person on the committee that’s the least likely to cause offense and make them responsible for the questioning,” Beeson said. “Somebody who doesn’t come across as an old sexist dude and who can listen and hear what she has to say, but also force some questions about her recollection.”

You can read the whole report here.