HBO's Bill Maher mocks 'Fat Donny' Trump the failing mob boss: 'Is there anyone who wouldn't rat him out?'
HBO's Bill Maher opens his show on Friday September 14, 2018/Screenshot

Bill Maher opened his HBO show Real Time by with a little light mockery of cable TV news coverage of Hurricane Florence.

"They're freaked out about Florence," Maher said. "Not the hurricane, a trans woman who used the wrong bathroom."

Maher got a few groans, and laughed it off.

"We wish the best for the Carolinas," he said. "They can't hear me, they have no power."

Maher then talked about Friday's legal developments, in which former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort finally flipped and agreed to cooperate with special prosecutor Bob Mueller in his investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election.

"Paul Manafort flipped on Fat Donny. That's right, Fat Donny got flipped on by his former consigliere," Maher said.

With Manafort, former attorney Michael Cohen and even his former friend and media ally David Pecker all turning state's evidence, Trump has to be paranoid.

"Is there anyone who wouldn't rat him out?" Maher said. "Today when he was groping Ivanka it was just to see if she was wearing a wire."

Watch below.